Roman Felber: Formula 4's Next Big Thing! 🚀

Roman, along with his twin brother Cash, kickstarted their journey into the world of racing with an adventurous spirit, navigating Segway Karts through creatively designed tracks in their driveway when they were merely eight years old.

The spark to pursue a career in Formula 1 was ignited after they attended the exhilarating Austin GP in 2022, setting them on a path to professional racing.

The competition between Roman and Cash is both intense and inspirational, with their finishing times incredibly close, sometimes by just tenths or hundredths of a second, each pushing the other to excel.

Guided by the expertise of FLBR Motor Sport and Eric Jensen, Roman has been rigorously developing his racing skills, particularly in F4, racing under Jensen’s experienced eye as well as improving his racing mindset and performance with Enzo Mucci. Their ascent into professional racing began in 2023, where Roman made significant strides. His inaugural year was marked by participation in the US Formula 4 Jr Race at COTA securing two 2nd place wins, extensive Formula 4 testing on diverse circuits around the USA, and competition in the SKUSA KA100JR Series and SuperNats 26, the USPKS KA100JR Series, the Ohio Sprint Series KA100JR, and the K1 Speed Endurance Series. These experiences have been instrumental in shaping Roman’s early racing career.

This year 2024 kicks off with Roman expanding his horizons, racing in the FARA YACademy Formula 4 Series, and competing in a variety of platforms including the SKUSA Winter and ProTour KA100JR with RPG, the USPKS KA100JR with RPG, the Ohio Sprint Series RotaxJR, and continuing his involvement in the K1 Speed Endurance Series.

Through the end of 2023, Roman’s kart racing achievements are commendable, with 11 first-place finishes, 7 second places, and 2 third places. Formula 4 racing, he has secured 2 second-place finishes, demonstrating his versatility and potential. Roman’s journey in motorsports is marked by heart, determination, skill, and a promising future ahead.

Cash Felber: The Rising Star of Formula 4 🌟

From his humble beginnings racing Segway Karts around the driveway at the tender age of 8, Cash Felber and his twin brother Roman have been inseparable on their journey to racing stardom.

Inspired by their visit to the Austin GP in 2022, the duo set their sights on the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1, driven by a shared dream to race professionally.

Remarkably close in talent, Cash and Roman consistently finish races within tenths, if not hundredths, of a second apart from each other, pushing each other to greater heights with every lap.

Under the umbrella of FLBR Motorsport, performance and mindset of Enzo Mucci and tutelage of Eric Jensen, the twins have honed their skills in Formula 4, racing under Jensen’s guidance and expertise. They embarked on their racing career in earnest in 2023, diving into the competitive world of US Formula 4 Jr at the Circuit of The Americas taking home two 1st place wins, alongside numerous Formula 4 testing at various tracks in the USA. Cash also competed in the SKUSA KA100JR Series and SuperNats 26, the USPKS KA100JR Series, the Ohio Sprint Series KA100JR, and the K1 Speed Endurance Series, laying a solid foundation for his racing career.

2024 marks the next step up for Cash, as gets ready to participate in the FARA YACademy Formula 4 Series, demonstrating his versatility, skills and continued growth. He also competing in the SKUSA Winter and ProTour in KA100JR with RPG, the USPKS KA100JR with RPG, the Ohio Sprint Series in RotaxJR, and continued in the K1 Speed Endurance 12 Hour Series, showcasing his adaptability and prowess in both karts and F4 cars. Cash’s racing credentials are already impressive, with 12 first-place wins in karts, 6 second-place finishes, 2 third-place finishes, and notably, 2 first-place wins in Formula 4, signaling a promising career ahead in the competitive world of racing.

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